Affidavit? What is that? People are scared off by this sort of legal jargon. Some of my clients find it difficult to pronounce correctly.

Simply speaking, an affidavit is used for purpose of giving written evidence in judicial proceedings. The same document can be prepared in the form of statutory declaration if it is not to be used in court proceedings.

I would like to show how an affidavit looks like as below:




I, ____________ presently residing at __________________ do solemnly and sincerely declare

THAT I am currently single and therefore I am free to marry.

THAT I intend to marry Ms XXX. I have no direct blood tie or kinship within 3 generations with Ms XXX.

THAT To the best of my knowledge and belief there is no legal or other impediment to my marriage to the said Ms XXX.

I made the above statement believing it to be true.

Sworn by the said ____________________

at 71-75 Shelton Street, London WC2H 9JQ, this ________

in the year Two Thousand and Twelve


Before me


Stephen Yiu

Notary Public

London – England


After executing the document, you have to make an oral statement like this:

I (full name),swear by Almighty God, that this is my name and handwriting and that the contents of my affidavit are true.

If you are not Christian, you can affirm like this:

I (full name),do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that this is my name and handwriting and that the contents of my affidavit are true.

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  1. SELLO MSIBI 4th April 2018 Reply

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    29 Mar at 12:00


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    Kelvin VLaw Firm

    04 Apr at 10:34

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    Richard Steele

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    I received a notice last week to provide the next of kin of Johannes msibi Been his accountant of the account risk been transferred to the government (es-cheat) in 21 days time. I am contacting on you to assist me in repatriating the funds left behind by my late client since you both share the same last name.This claim will be executed without breaching any UK laws and success is guaranteed if we cooperate on this. The bank will release the account to you because of your last name and my recommendation of you as the next of kin. I am a very religious person and I cannot lie; I expect the same from you. I will forward my International passport so you know that i am not joking, when I get your response. The amount involved is 9,649,400 Pounds; I propose we share the proceeds 50:50, I think this is fair. I will give you all the necessary information about the deal when I get your response.I anticipate your cooperation. Treat this proposal with utmost confidentially and urgency for a 100% success.

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    NUMBER 5

    Kelvin VLaw Firm

    Mar 29 at 5:09 PM

    Mr. Sello Msibi,

    I am in receipt of your email. The costs and expenses of each document are as follows excluding retainers’ fee:

    1.Police report of Johannes Msibi – £200
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    I can provide you with our agent in South Africa Banking Details for payment if you request for it.
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    The above-metioned information is that true or scam
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  2. Ian 11th April 2019 Reply

    Hi, I have an affidavit from Jamaica that needs my signature and a witness of me signing the affidavit. My question is do Stephen Yiu cover the Caribbean region and if so how much will it cost for a Solicitor to be a witness of me putting my signature on the affidavit?

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