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Business Notarisation

Notarisation of Incorporation Documents

By signing and sealing a document, a notary verifies the authenticity of the facts set out in that document. If the appearer is acting on behalf of a limited company under some form of authority, the notary must verify that authority. Company search should be undertaken to see the appearer is an office holder as he claims. The primary source for the verification of the attributes that identify a company registered under the Companies Acts is the Company Register itself. As notary, we keep a record of the search and issue a certificate in accordance with the result such search.

Media companies and production houses

As we are located in Covent Garden, a stone’s throw from Soho where TV and movie companies set up their headquarters, we have the honour to serve a number of international movie stars, film directors, script writers and TV producers who require us to notarise their signatures on international agreements in relation to assignment of rights or intellectual properties etc.

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Notarised translation for corporate clients

To verify that the appearer has the will to enter a transaction a notary must verify that he has sufficient understanding of the content and effect of the document as well as the law of the foreign country. For this purpose, corporate documents in foreign language have to be translated into language the parties can fully understand so that the notary can verify that the client has enough comprehension to form the intention to be bound.

A notarised translation is an accurate and professional translation which is signed and stamped by a notary public such as Stephen Yiu-Notary Public. Our translation services can provide a notarised translation of any document and such translation will be accepted by all government authorities. including UK Border Agency and Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.


Translation Qualification

Our translators are full members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (MITI) who can provide certified or notarised translation for all public documents, in particular:

marriage certificates
birth certificates
death certificates
diplomas and degrees
important company documents, such as certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association, profit and loss accounts, minutes etc.

Languages and Speed of Service

At the moment, we can deliver a notarised translation in 24 hours for the following languages:

Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)
French (from French to Chinese)

We can also organise notarised translaton for the following languages:


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Cost of Corporate Notary Services

Company Incorporation

Company incorporation document fees start from £67, including the search fee.

Notarised Translation

A small piece of notarised Chinese to English translation starts at £70.

All quotes are subject to confirmation after the actual documents are seen. The actual costs depend on the nature of the documents to be notarised as well as a number of factors.

Fees are assessed mainly by reference to the time spent on the matter, on the basis of an hourly rate, though fixed fees are applicable to certain notary services.

Out of hours service can be provided – a small additional fee will be added to the final bill.

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