FCO legalisation


We have a dedicated team to deal with Foreign Office Legalisation (Apostille) in accordance with your need. On this basis, we offer our clients different types of services depending on the urgency of the matter. These include standard, express and premium service. And premium service will be offered for those who request for quick turnaround, within 24 hours.

As we have a dedicated team, our flexibility to fit around your schedule is our primary duty. So do not hesitate to contact us on 07951 021 043 or info@london-notary.co.uk for further details.

It is essential for the clients to note that you cannot get it apostilled direct unless they are public documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate or divorce paper. In that case, you have to get your documents notarised first.

I would hereby give some background information about this process: Foreign Office Legalisation (Apostille) is a process by which the signatures of notaries public and government officers are recognised by the British government as genuine and proper in accordance with the Hague Convention 1961.

The Foreign Office staff will verify my signature and seal in my capacity as a notary public, and if they are ascertained as genuine, a paper slip called apostille will be affixed on the back of my signed page. To verify the genuineness of the apostille, you can log on the legalisation website and key in the number and immediately a result will appear on the screen.

Over the years, forgeries are frequently found and so the best way to know if the documents are genuine or not would be through this legalisation process.

Once apostilled, it can be used abroad for different purposes. Foreign Office will charge a fee for each of the individualised documents.

Government fees and our service charges are subject to revision so you have to make enquiries relating to the services you require.