Notarised translation and Legalisation

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What is notarised translation?

If the documents, such as marriage certificate, birth certificate and academic certificates, are in foreign language, they have to be translated into English before such documents can be accepted by authorities such as UK Border Agency or a Court of Law.

Our notary office works with a translation agency called Multilingual Translation & Interpreting Ltd which can provide translation of various legal documents.

If you have birth, marriage, divorce, etc, certificates or A-level or GCSE education certifications, property transfer documents, deed documents or any other documents that need to be translated and then authenticated by Stephen Yiu Notary Public in order to be used in UK or overseas.

First the document is translated and then the translator signs on it in the presence of a Notary Public. The Notary Public signs the document and finally validates it by putting a seal and unique stamp on it in order for the translation to be accepted overseas.

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Apostille and Embassy legalisation

Contact details relating to this service can also be found in our home page. Please also note that our legalisaton services can be extended to those who do not require our notary services.

We provide normal service and premium service with regard to FCO legalisation. Our turnaround time can be reduced to 24 hours if you can afford extra costs.