Stephen Yiu

Information on Fees

PRICE INFORMATION My minimum fee for dealing with a single document (with no more than 3 pages) drafted in English language, to be signed by one signatory, is £60.00. In case, there are more than one signatory, extra charge applies. I do not charge VAT. My current hourly rate is £300.00 and such rate can […]

How to make a will?

Different cultures have different views towards death. Some may try their very best to avoid mentioning the D word. However making a will is still the best way to arrange your estate (tangible and intangible assets) after your leaving this lovely world. How to make a will? It is quite simple and straightforward. You need […]

What is an affidavit?

Affidavit? What is that? People are scared off by this sort of legal jargon. Some of my clients find it difficult to pronounce correctly. Simply speaking, an affidavit is used for purpose of giving written evidence in judicial proceedings. The same document can be prepared in the form of statutory declaration if it is not […]

Power of Attorney (part 1)

As a notary public, notarising powers of attorney becomes part of my job description. I witness the execution of such document drawn up in different languages on a daily basis. Sometimes it is necessary for me to ask a translator to get the document translated before I can proceed. I came across a power of […]