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Stephen Yiu - Notary Public

26 - Apr - 2015

Quality Service Guaranteed


Notary Public in London


Welcome to our Website


We are committed to provide urgent services 24/7 to all clients in the UK and in other parts of the world.

We also provide mobile services for all corporate and individuals based in London. For disabled private clients or corporate clients, it is also possible to request mobile services by email (info@london-notary. or Travelling to clients' designated addresses will incur extra costs.

Stephen Yiu (LLM, MITI) is a Notary Public and a member of the Notaries Society of England and Wales based in London. He has offices in Covent Garden and Hendon,receiving clients in his Hendon office every morning from Monday to Saturday. Those who prefer to see him in Covent Garden are free to make appointment with him in the afternoon.

Stephen Yiu is also a qualified solicitor but the notarial practice is separate from solicitor's work.

Roles and functions

Stephen Yiu - Notary Public provides a wide range of Notary Public services to both private and corporate clients authenticating documents to be used in foreign jurisdictions.

Appointments can be arranged at his offices and at clients' place of business or home. Evening and weekend appointments can also be made when necessary.

A notary's function is to act as a bridge between the English legal system and other foreign systems of law so that your documents can be used in a foreign country through a mechanism called legalisation.

A Notary's role is to verify (or authenticate) legal documents for use abroad. He has to check the identity, capacity and authority of the person signing documents as well.

The notary's primary duty is to the transaction. So notarial acts require a high standard of care, as reliance on such acts is made by clients, third parties and foreign governments and officials.

All notarial work is regulated by the Faculty Office. The best standards of confidentiality and presentation are offered. The notarial practice is covered by professional indemnity insurance and a Compensation Fund.

So if you are looking for notary public central London, certifying documents or London notary solicitor then contact Stephen Yiu Notary Public today.


International Adoption

Notary public can also issue notarial certificate authenticating certain adoption documents such as Certificate of eligibility to adopt and other official documents related to foreign adoption procedures. Free consultation can be provided via email. Please send your questions or documentation over and a prompt reply will be given in 24 hours. Our email address is:

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